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Refer Customers To Techi Tacs, Earn Additional Income

Techi Tacs is a leading IT and digital marketing company in Pakistan. With the foremost characteristics of committed quality, assured reliability and affordability. Working since 2012, Techi Tacs is diversified B2B and B2C IT & digital marketing  providers offering wide range of business services web development & designing, software and IT solutions in the global market segments. Techi Tacs’s Affiliate Program is one of the most attractive Web development, designing & Digital marketing Programs that can get you extra income.

Just refer your friends & family to our platform and on every success sale you will earn 10% commission on sale.

It’s simple math and clean money with no questions asked, if the total sale is Rs 10,000 you will receive Rs.1000 in commission.

If the sale is Rs.100,000 you will get Rs.10,000 in commission no questions asked.

So simply refer us clients and get paid, it’s a simple as that.

In today’s digital work everyone need a Website, blog or e-commerce store or every there and then one needs to promote their online businesses, if you know some guys who are in need of such services simply refer them to us.

On total amount of sale get your 10% commission.


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